Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another email from Laine Lawless

Screen shot of the website.
   Ricker's Radar Screen received another email today from the webmaster at the website Justice for Shawna Forde, which is operated by Forde supporter Laine Lawless. Below is the question asked and my reply.

On 2/5/11 1:38 PM, Web Master wrote:
We heard it reported that Ron Wedow describes a time when he met with Shawna at a truck stop in CO, where she opened her laptop and offered to sell him either military or fully-automatic weapons.  This has not been reported by any media.  Did Eric Larsen object to any of this testimony?  On cross exam, did he try to impeach any portion of this testimony?  We are just wondering...
The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde

FREE SHAWNA FORDE, POLITICAL PRISONER OF PIMA COUNTY AND DHS! The real killers must be brought to justice.  The Shawna hotline is open for tips on the crime:  520-344-0413.

Ms. Lawless---

It would not be appropriate for me to discuss evidence or testimony in this matter with a potential witness who has not yet been called to testify.