Saturday, June 04, 2011

Jason Bush’s brother objects to reporting about the fatal Arivaca home invasion

Don Bush from
his Facebook page

You may recall that during the trial of convicted double-murderer Jason Eugene Bush that I was contacted by the defendant’s older brother offering to provide me the inside dirt on other crimes his brother may have committed while living in Oregon.

On the eve of the third trial in the case, Bush has surfaced again to provide critical comments about the surviving victim, Gina Gonzalez, and his brother’s co-defendant. Below is the text of an email received on June 4. I had to edit it heavily in order to make it readable. By the way, the document Mr. Bush refers to is a summary of the first interview detectives conducted with Gonzalez, a document I have seen. Gonzalez has also testified regarding those events twice and is expected to do so again on Tuesday.

Hello again. I figured that I would contact you again, as now I have information relating to the currently unfolding events of the murders that my brother and Shawna have been given two death sentences for.

I was curious if you were omitting any reference on your blog to the statement Gina gave law enforcement while in I.C.U. for any reason in particular, as it is publicly available (I even found it), there shouldn't be any reason not to provide any and all of the information as it relates to the case at present. And, it totally contradicts what Gaxiola’s attorneys are apparently going to try spoon feeding the jury, with Gina, as per your prior blog posts, willing to help support and defend her "buddy" that as far as I was led to believe wanted her husband/boyfriend dead in the worst way!

Due to the repetitive drivel endlessly offered from all directions burying what isn't helping the "bigger picture" get done. I was previously one of the many "sheep," allowing my opinion and attitude to reflect my disgust and lack of support for my little brother...and rightly so, when all I was presented with was "evidence" that was so indisputable-right?

Well, I've had a couple things I saw as contradictory, and suspicious from the beginning, that were for whatever reason, quickly (and feebly) swept away, and some conveniently new and more damning "facts/evidence” were substituted and encouraged to overshadow what should have been given at minimum the same chance to support or contradict the other info provided. Unbiased reporting of the facts, right?

Well, I've found enough relative info that I doubt that neither Jason nor Shawna would have been portrayed, humiliated, judged and sentenced as they were.

Now, in my opinion, as well as a handful of others that don't even know Jason, I am feeling you have posted and promoted what I now must say is biased information, that had a active role in contributing to the subtle conditioning of the masses, and having a negative effect on public opinion of the two previous defendants, which in my book, sir, smacks of irresponsible journalism.

I'm wondering if and when you are going to show some initiative and display a consistent distaste for "murderer number 3" and throw some facts out for people to talk about? That is what a journalist is supposed to do, right?

I bet you could find them as easily as I have. Unless there is some reason that pertinent and important inconsistency, "new details” that keep emerging, etc. are not getting the scrutiny that is warranted. In fact it would almost appear that you might be leaning towards taking it easy on poor little Alberto.

I am going to attach a copy of Gina’s original ICU statement I found, so you have something with more credibility than my "hearsay" to refer to, or not. Please feel free to let me know if I can assist further. I doubt you will print my letter this time. Anyway, Have a good day, sincerely.

Don Bush