Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stonex warns that Lawless is upset

Laine Lawless
During the trial for convicted double murderer Shawna Forde I received a couple of emails from an ardent supporter of Forde’s by the name of Laine Lawless.

One email was commenting on the quality of my reporting while the other one asked for my assessment of testimony of one of the witnesses and whether or not Forde’s attorney Eric Larsen had aggressively attempted to question that testimony.

Recently, I have reported on attempts by Lawless to filed complaints with the State Bar of Arizona against Deputy County Attorneys Rick Unklesbay and Kellie Johnson and a complaint against Pima County Superior Court Judge John S. Leonardo filed with the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Unsolicited email

This morning, I received an email from another witness in both the Forde case and the ongoing trial for Jason Eugene Bush in connection with the May 30, 2009 deadly home invasion in Arivaca. Former Minutemen American Defense member Chuck Stonex wrote to advise that Lawless had said some uncomplimentary things about me on and Internet radio talk show.

Subject: Laine Lawless
From: Chuck Stonex <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:38:07 -0600

I was listening to a talk radio show (SOS) with Laine Lawless as the head rattle mouth, and she mentioned that she has a major issue with you. I have a personal with one with her too.

I would like to shut this idiot rattle mouth down. She has slandered me several times.

I am in Tucson and testifying against Jason Bush this morning.


“Guns only have two enemies, rust and politicians”

After the trial had recessed for lunch, I spoke with Stonex seeking additional information regarding the allegations he leveled above in connection with a March 3 program. “She had brought your name up that you and her had been conflicting of sorts, that you had been writing things about her that she didn’t like,” he said. “You probably wrote the truth about her and she didn’t like it.”

Stonex suggested that he had clashed verbally on previous occasions with Lawless on similar Internet programs. “This woman is going out of her way to make my life as miserable as possible,” he said. “I’m interested in getting the real truth out there.”

Stonex said he was provided a security escort when he appeared to testify in the Forde trial. “Laine threatened me,” he said. “Laine sent me an email way back at the start of all of this stating ‘Two can keep a secret if one is dead.’”

Stonex said he had provided Det. Juan Carlos Navarro with a copy of that email after his testimony concluded Wednesday morning.

Gaxiola trial

Chuck Stonex
Both Stonex and Lawless are under subpoena to testify in the June 1 trial for co-defendant Albert Gaxiola. “Unfortunately, she’s going to have to testify at Gaxiola’s trial because she was at the house with me,” Stonex revealed. “If you can get her on the stand before me then you can let me counter her. You know damn well that she’s going to lie.”

One of the reasons Lawless was under subpoena is that she could testify to the medical treatment Stonex provided to Bush’s bullet wound on the evening of May 30, 2009. “She still is under subpoena and they’re going to keep her that way and it is for my safety,” he said, explaining that if something were to happen to him that Lawless would be able to testify to the events he has previously testified about.

It’s clear that Stonex is not a big fan of Lawless. “I want to shut this idiot down in the worse way,” he said. “Whatever credibility she has I would like to take it away and just shut her up.”